Jamal Crawford Gives Backstory On Shake & Bake Deron Williams

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It has been fourteen years since Jamal Crawford, a member of the New York Knicks at the time, pulled out his iconic shake and bake move on Utah Jazz guard Deron Williams.

On Monday afternoon, the three-time Sixth man of the Year was on Twitter Spaces answering questions when he asked why he pulled out the double behind the back shake and bake against the Jazz in November 2007. It turns out that Williams got Crawford on the other end, but his crossover is the one that is highlighted and what people remember.

“To give you the backstory for real, for real, Deron shook the s*** out of me and crossed me over at ‘The Garden,’ I’m just honest. He crossed me over in ‘The Garden,’ and you know how D Will dribble to hop into stuff. So, he jumped and hopped,” said Crawford.

“So, I thought he was going one way, and the pick was there, and he went in the complete opposite direction, and you know ‘The Garden’ crowd they are going to give it up. There’s no in-between; if they know you you got game, they will let you know. So, I was like, and it will not go down like that in my house. So, I am going to get him back, and fate will have it in the same half and quarter five minutes later, I got him back.”

The Knicks would win the game 113 to 109, and Jamal Crawford finished with 22 points to go along with two steals.

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Written by Landon Buford

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