Power Book III’s London Brown Talks Adding His Personality To Marvin Thomas

In last week’s episode Power Book III Raising Kanan, which was an episode four, Unique approach Davina, questioning her about Kanan. She begins to defend Kanan by separating him from his mother’s business, but Unique offers her an offer she can’t turn down — a chance to make her mother clean. 

She folds and gives the location of Raq’s original stack house. Of course, Davina does not choose to give unique information under pressure in a conniving way, but no matter, she puts Kanan and his family at risk. 

Marvin changes the plans without Raq’s permission and retrieves Kanan while he goes to school to remove the proceeds from the safe house. But, of course, everything goes to the left! Marvin drops Kanan off at the stash house and gives him typical instructions: Do not open the door to anyone. 

When he comes back, he realizes that something is not right — they have been ambushed! As they try to protect the product, there is a shootout. In the meantime, inside, Kanan is at gunpoint. Marvin shoots the masked marksman—yes, you guessed it, execution-style. The shooter proved to be P-We, Unique’s men. Covered entirely in P-We blood, Kanan is more afraid that his mother will discover that he was in the safe house that he is about to be killed. Regretting his decision to leave Kanan alone, Marvin also understands that it will not end well if Raq discovers this. Both do their best to cover it up, but they fail. In conclusion, Raquel finds Kanan’s bloody shirt under his bed. Judging by her troubling look, we know there will be hell to pay.

On Sunday evening, London Brown, who plays Uncle Marvin was on Instagram Live and talked about Marvin’s character and the roller coaster showcased thus far this season.

“There was a scene I think in episode four where Marvin goes to the bodega, and this is when he leaves Kanan and goes to the bodega and puts the boxes in the back storage room, and I shake the door handle, and someone was like yo you put the boxes away, but your nails look clean. The thing about Marvin, when it comes to characters like this, it is important that I bring these characters to life,” said Brown.

“I must bring myself to these characters; otherwise, you will get bored with these characters. If I only played Marvin as the funniest person, the angry guy, as the character that only missed up y’all would be bored with him. Think about the roller coaster that Marvin is taking you on.”

You can catch new episodes of Power Book III Raising Kanan on Starz at 8 PM EST on Sunday nights.

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Written by Landon Buford

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