PHOENIX, ARIZONA - DECEMBER 31: Jamal Crawford #11 of the Phoenix Suns during the second half of the NBA game against the Golden State Warriors at Talking Stick Resort Arena on December 31, 2018 in Phoenix, Arizona. (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)

Jamal Crawford Joins Team iPhone After Blackberry Breaks

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Earlier this year, three-time Sixth man of the Year, Jamal Crawford, revealed on TNT that he is one of the few members of the NBA community that still uses a Blackberry. The other two members are Knicks guard Derrick Rose and NBA Reporter Marc Stein.

“It’s the keyboard,” he told TNT’s Candace Parker about the physical distinction, adding that he doesn’t have to spend time “erasing stuff and redoing it.”

The show’s Shaquille O’Neal and Kenny Smith could be heard off-camera mocking the admission. “They still got BlackBerry?” Smith said.

Crawford said that the Android phone doesn’t allow him to be on group texts with his teammates, and they have to “send him the stuff on the side. It was coming up green.” When asked if he had it with him, Crawford held up the phone — to moans from the broadcast crew. “It’s connected to my hip,” he said.

In a recent interview, I learned that Crawford is currently using an iPhone. Additionally, Crawford shared that he recently dropped his Blackberry and broke it.

“So, what happened was I actually dropped my phone. I broke it. So, I needed it & Blackberries are not around like that. So by the time I got it fixed, I would’ve missed a week. So, went in the store and messed around with the iPhone,” said Crawford.

“I already had an iPad. So, I was a little familiar with how to operate it, but not all the way. So, they gave me one to use, while I get the Blackberry back. I’m just messing around to see how I like it that is all.”

The follow-up question was to get his thoughts on his temporary phone.

“It will be one of the other. I’m just messing around with it right now, but my heart is with the Blackberry.”

Crawford has not played in this season, but had a short stint with the Brooklyn Nets in the ‘Bubble’ in Orlando before suffering a hamstring injury six minutes his debut. He is currently preparing for his annual Pro-AM this week and coaching his son’s AAU team.

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Written by Landon Buford

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