Jay-Z Should Be Considered For Basketball Hall of Fame, Says Karen Russell

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Earlier this month, several former NBA players, coaches, college coaches, and other basketball greats entered the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame. Players that included Kevin Garnett, Tim Duncan, and the late Kobe Bryant.

Someone else who also enter the Hall of Fame was Toronto Raptors Superfan Nav Bhatia. He is the first fan in the history of the Hall of fame to receive this honor. According to Bhatia’s website, he has never missed a game since the team joined the league back in 1995.

Several former National Basketball Association players were inducted into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame a few weeks ago.

The 2020 class included greats Kevin Garnett, Tim Duncan and the late Kobe Bryant.

However, one person inducted into the Hall wasn’t a player, coach, or broadcaster, such as Toronto Raptors Superfan Nav Bhatia.

According to his website, Bhatia hasn’t missed a Raptors home game since the franchise began in 1995.

After being inducted alongside a stellar class, Bhatia took to social media to express his appreciation.

“Today was a dream,” Bhatia said on Twitter. “In the greatest building basketball has, the name Superfan Nav Bhatia will be immortalized. There is now a turban and the first fan (honored) within (the) Naismith Basketball Hall Of Fame. I am overcome with emotions today.”

“He was there from the time we tipped off against the Nets through the championship in 2019, and beyond,” said Murray.

Recently, Clippers’ Superfan Clipper Darrell shared that he was happy for Bhatia.

On Tuesday afternoon, former NBA players Cedric Ceballos, Tracy Murray, and Karen Russell, the daughter of Bill Russell, were on Clubhouse in the ‘SportsLikeUs’ hosted by Nelson Dukes.

The trio was asked to name some other Superfans that should be considered for the Hall of Fame.

“It’s tough because there were some discrepancies, but ‘Dancing Barry’ used to be the hype man for Lakers. He was a season ticket holder, wore purple and gold, and dance all in the aisles. That all ended when he wanted the organization to pay him,” said Ceballos.

“There was another guy in Washington, DC by the name of Ron Eckler; he was hilarious and definitely should be in. He would tell jokes, never cursed, and did his homework. I can recall one time it was snowing, and he was a lawyer who lived up in the hills. He couldn’t get in and had to shovel two hours of snow. I was with the Suns at the time, and the gym was quiet that night because they only let 2000 to 3000 people that night due to the snowstorm. With about a minute left in the game, he comes running down the stairs yelling at Tom Chambers.

Ceballos continued, “Tom Chambers, I had to shovel two hours of snow to come and yell that you stink. I was thinking to myself the dedication that his man did to do that was unbelievable. Joe The Barber, who passed away, used to sit behind the bench in Detriot. The OGs used to tell you not to make eye contact with him because then he will get you. At that time, Negele Knight and I were rookies, and he was chewing Cotton Fitzsimmons out; rest in peace. Cotton also got into the Hall of Fame. I got eye contact with, and he hit me with, “See, that’s why the F*** you ain’t playing Ceballos because you are listening to my dumb a** and not listening to Cotton.”

Karen Russell also shared that Jay-Z is someone else that should be considered.

Later this week, Bad Bunny, WNBA star Nneka Ogwumike, Jay-Z, and Paul Rivera will be featured in the season premiere of ‘The Shop,’ according to Billboard.

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Written by Landon Buford

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