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Destiny’s Child’s Michelle Williams Bugged Out After Appearance On Wild N’ Out, Says Conceited

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Conceited has been a part of the Wild N’ Out franchise since he joined the cast back in 2013. On Monday, the eight-year vet was on the Clubhouse app in the WalksLikeUs room hosted by Remo, answering various questions. Including how do they select the teams on Wild N’ Out.

“It really is random and the only thing that would come into play is where they think someone else needs help in. I mean lets say they pick the team on Nick’s team you got Clips, Hitman, Chico, Emanuel, and Justina. Everybody that can hold their own in the Wild Style or in the rapping game,” said Conceited.

“Then they will be like oh s*** this team doesn’t have that, so now we have to give this team DC, Conceited, Carlos, and someone else that is good at rapping. That’s basically how they do it. So, people can hold themselves against someone else during that game.”

Remo would then follow up by asking Conceited, if any, of the guests took any of the jokes personally.

” Yes, Michelle [Williams] from Destiny Child bugged the f*** out. When Stevie J and Nick went at it. There have been a couple, and some people are cool, then their management team was like y’all bugging, and we don’t want that to air. They always come to me first and then DC. I am not going super crazy, but there are probably two people I violated BlocBoy JB and Bow Wow,” Conceited shared.

“So, now the producers come to me first and say Conceited be mean this person. Don’t say this and don’t mention that, or go into the Wild Style. Just don’t say anything to him at all. So, they do that all the time. However, Nick is the one that says do it kill ’em, and I’m like Nick they told me not to. He likes don’t worry about any of that go.”

Conceited also revealed that there would be a rematch between him and Lil Yatchy of their Sneaker Battle From Home with Complex Media.

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Written by Landon Buford

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