Most Of Usher’s ‘Confessions Story’ Was Not About Chilli, Says Jermaine Dupri

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It has been 17 years since Usher Raymond’s third album Confessions was released. The album featured numerous hits such as ‘Yeah, ‘Burn,’ ‘Throwback,’ ‘Superstar,’ and ‘My Boo.’

On Thursday night, Usher was on the Clubhouse app in ‘Usher Party’ room going down memory lane. Legendary producer Jermaine Dupri shared the backstory of Confession parts one and two.

“It is really crazy because when we talk about Confessions right now, with other people, and how many people think that story was about so many things. So, many people think it was about them, there is so many people think they created the story. Confession part one created the whole part two, but y’all never heard part one because LA [Reid] did not put part one on the album,” said Jermaine Dupri.

“People heard part one on the deluxe version, but when y’all heard part two there was a part one, that you did not hear the time. We were more concern with part one and part two was just for fun. What happens after this that is when we started talking about the girl has to get pregnant and all this other stuff. Most of the story was not about Chilli none of these people that thought they were hit by this bullet.”

Usher added: “People still don’t understand the reality of a baby that has never been shown. And that is part of something immersive experience that will happen in Las Vegas, and I’m going to break down a lot of s*** that I never talked about and be transparent in addition to the story underneath the story happening on stage. This is a story that we wanted to write about because it is something that men don’t want to address. Country music has an honesty that we need to bring into hip hop. So, can R&B and talk about the difficulties in life.”

Last September, Usher announced that he was starting his Las Vegas residency on at The Colosseum at Caesars Palace on July 16th 2021, according to CNN.

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Written by Landon Buford

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