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Mark Cuban Reveals ‘Fireside’ Will Allow Users To Save Audio And Monetize Conversations

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Earlier this month, Verge shared the first look of what Mark Cuban and Falon Fatemi’s new app called ‘Fireside’ looks like earlier this month. ‘Fireside is like Clubhouse, but also mixed with Spotify’s anchor software.

Fireside can help podcasters and creatives to monetize their work through exclusive conversations. The application encourages more public participation than Clubhouse, in that user犀利士 s can respond to conversations without being onstage, and they can type comments or questions.

Last month, I spoke with 犀利士 rs/mark-cuban-national-anthem-interview”>Cuban on behalf of One37pm, and he shared some other features that the platform will provide.

“It’s called Fireside Chat, and it is not going to be out for a couple of months, but effectively it’s podcasting 2.0, and what it says is, if you go to a conference, and you sit down, there is a moderator people asking questions or a keynote speaker then they open it up for questions. We will enable that using audio, and you can invite whoever you want to your keynote or podcast. You will be able to take questions from them, interact with them, and they will have the features applaud and make noise to get feedback, but they will also be able to tip you, and you will also be able to save it,” said Cuban.

“Clubhouse is meant to be in the moment, and that’s great, but with FireSide Chat, you will be able to have that entire conversation and then save it. So, people can download it and listen to the whole thing. That is what I think is missing as much as anything. So, you want that interaction, and you want it to live forever. Instead of it being in one spot like Clubhouse is.”

By ‘Fireside’ offering the capability to monetize on their platform out the gate is a game-changer. Clubhouse users that spend a large amount of time have been trying to gather data to show potential sponsors why they partner with them. Fireside has not yet announced a specific launched date. However, when I spoke with Cuban in February of this year, he revealed that they still a couple of months out.

We will keep you updated on all future information regarding ‘Fireside’.

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Written by Landon Buford

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