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Kanye West, Wiz Khalifa Beef Over Amber Rose an Associate Shares How it Was Solved

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Back in January of 2016, Kanye West went on one of his infamous rants on Twitter, and the victim in this case was Wiz Khlafia. But, why would West go after Wiz Khalfa in the first place?

It was all because of one person, Amber Rose.

<犀利士5mg p>West dated the former stripper turned model and video vixen for two years from 2008 to 2010. The two were dating when West interrupted Pop Icon Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech during the VMAs in 2009. West also wrote numerous singles about Rose that be heard on his ‘My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy‘ album.

In a 2012 interview with the New York Post, Rose shared that the two broke up in 2010, because West couldn’t be faithful and also labeled West’s now-wife, Kim Kardashian as a “Homewrecker”.

“He is your typical rapper in the industry,” Amber shared “He can’t be faithful, and it’s not just with one person. He’s just unfaithful with a lot of different women. I got to the point where I thought, my heart can’t take it anymore. I don’t deserve this. I don’t care when people say that I owe him my life because I’m famous now. I don’t owe him nothing.”

Rose started dating Khalifa in 2011, the two would end up getting married in 2013, and would have a child later on that year. West would marry Kim in 2014. A couple of years after Wiz and Rose filed for divorce, West and Khalifa went after each other on Twitter.

Khalifa took the first shot after West change the name of his forthcoming album Swish to the emoji-ready Waves, according to Mashable.com. Khalifa tweeted that Harlem artist Max B was the originate of the phrase and their wasn’t a moment without.

West would later play is respects to Max B

West later tweeted about it (though he didn’t directly respond to Wiz).

All respect to Andre Harrel and Max B #Waves

— KANYE WEST (@kanyewest) January 27, 2016

Things would later heat up again when Khalifa tweeted the “Hit this kk and become yourself.”

Khlafia was referencing his strained of  marijuana, Khalifa Kush. However, West took as a shot towards his wife Kim Kardashian, who has the same initials and fired off a series of tweets in Khlafia’s direction. The two would go back and forth before Rose entered the fray.

Amber shared with The Post, that she wouldn’t have been with Wiz if he felt insecure with her past with West.

“If Wiz felt insecure about me dating Kanye, I wouldn’t be with him today. Everyone 威而鋼 is someone’s sloppy seconds, unless you’re a virgin.”

Malik Yusef, who is an associate of both Taylor Gang [Wiz Khalifa] and G.O.O.D Music [Kanye West] recently share that he played a part in ending the beef between the two.

“Just like the beef with Kanye [West] and Wiz [Khalifa] about Bash [Amber Rose] you know what I’m saying. I came in and got that squashed because I’m Taylor Gang. Wiz is my brother, Ty [Dolla $ign] is my brother, Chevy Woods is my brother, and Rich P is my brother. These guys I sit down in the house and have a conversation with, and we just hang out,” Yusef shared. “And I love Amber Rose, and for Kanye West to say all those things about the baby. He was in one of his episodes and those can go on for a long time. You might not make it to the hospital. So, I came and squashed it on February 1st the first day of black history month in 2016. And said ‘Yo, we need to get this thing squashed. We are not going to do this.”

Yusef also helped end the beef between West and Jay-Z as well.

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Written by Landon Buford

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