Chargers Running Back Melvin Gordon says He will be back “In a few Weeks”

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Former Los Angeles Charger Chris McCain was competing under the LXF, a fighting promotion owned by former All-Pro Shawne Merriman. McCain was fighting in a heavyweight contest against Matheus Moraes. The bout went the distance with McCain earning the win unanimously. This past weekend at the Commerce Casino in Commerce, California.

After the fight, McCain spoke with Cageside Press, in which he said, he felt confident when the match went to the judges’ decision.

“Throughout the whole fight, he only had really one takedown. No damage to my face, don’t feel anything, didn’t touch me to my face. Just had that one takedown at the end of the first round, and that was pretty much it.”

“I hit him with a lot of kicks, a head kick to him, a couple of punches here and there,” he noted. “I definitely wasn’t worried when it went to the judges.”

McCain’s former teammate Melvin Gordon was in attendance to show his support, according to reporter Cameron Buford of Voice of the Fans. He ran into Gordon at the event, and Buford asked him about the bout between McCain and Moraes, along with the upcoming match between Errol Spence Jr vs. Shawn Porter. That bout is scheduled to take place on September 28th at the Staple Center in Los Angeles. Before the two parted ways Buford asked Gordon when he would return to the Chargers?

Gordon replied, “Soon.”

Buford asked him a follow-up question, “What’s that mean?”  In a few more weeks,” said Gordon.

Gordon has been holding out in hopes of getting a new contract from the Chargers. When he returns to the team, he will be playing in the last year of his rookie deal — making $5.6 million this season. Before the season started the Chargers, according to the Los Angeles Times offered Gordon something in the $10 million a year range, while he and representation are looking for around $13 million per year.

Also before the season, the Chargers General manager, Tom Telesco informed Gordon’s camp that there wouldn’t be any contract negotiations after week one of the season. Until the completion of the 2019-20 season.

“When, or if, Melvin reports,” Telesco said, “he’ll play under his current contract and then we’ll just revisit it after the season.”

Earlier today, ESPN NFL insider Adam Schefter tweeted that Gordon’s holdout could be coming to an end, but no final decisions have been made to report.

If Gordon returns before week 10, this season will count, and he would be eligible for free agency this offseason.  Earlier this year, the Philadephia Eagles offered running back Jordan Howard and a couple of mid-round picks to the Chargers for Gordon, but Los Angeles turn it down.

According to TMZ, Gordon shared that he would not sit out the 2019-20 season… I’ll play somewhere, said Gordon.

“It would be a waste of talent [if I didn’t].”

Earlier today, TMZ ran into Gordon’s former teammate Antonio Gates, and he believes Gordon is the answer to turn their 1-2 start around.

“Melvin Gordon is the answer. They need to get Melvin Gordon back.”

He also believes Gordon is worth Ezekiel Elliott and the Chargers need to pay him as such.

“He means a lot to the Chargers and to our organization,” Gates says. “You can sense that as the season gets going, the absence of him is starting to have more effect.”

The Chargers will play the Miami Dolphins in week 4 on Sunday, September 29th.


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Written by Landon Buford

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