Rashard Lewis on Vince Carter, “He’s Doing Something I Wish I Could Have Done”


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In an interview over the weekend, former Orlando Magic, Rashad Lewis weighed on Vince Carter’s career.

“He was a great teammate when I played with him in Orlando. He is a great guy off the court and does stuff in the community. When he lived in Orlando, I used to hang out with him during the summer. He is doing something I wish I could have done, my goal was to play 20 years and retire after that. I think that is a blessing to play basketball as long as he can until you want to hang it up,” said Lewis.

Earlier this Summer on The Jump, Vince Carter announced that the 2019-20 season would be his last in the NBA. During his 22 year career, Carter averaged 17.2 points, 4.4 rebounds, and 3.2 assists. After the eight-time All-Star announced, he’d be returning for his record 22nd season. Former All-Star Agent Zero took Instagram to sound off on Carter’s decision.

Earlier this year, with a sit-down interview with sports reporter Ashley Nevel, Arenas tried to defend his comments towards Carter.

“If you look at the whole element behind himself, he’s the G.O.A.T. So, if you are a veteran coach, and Vince Carter wants to come on your team, and wants to tryout you are going to say yes. I need a veteran because you have to remember I can rely on 21 years of experience versus this young guy,” said Arenas.

Last week during an interview with The Athletic, Arenas stated that Carter had nothing to gain by returning to the Atlanta Hawks next season, and should move aside and let the young plays get an opportunity to become the next Vince Carter.

“Let’s be honest here. You have Vince, or you have this young guy. You’re going to choose Vince. He’s put 20 years in. His 5 percent is better than your 100 percent because his 5 percent is going to be smart basketball, so the coach is going to overlook young talent until they get that experience. When you’re the last guy on the bench or the guy who got cut, you look at someone like Vince and say, ‘Come on, dude.’ There’s no upside for Vince. Let somebody else get in there and be the next Vince Carter.”

Later in the week, Arenas would clarify his comments about Carter to make it clear it wasn’t about his legacy at all.

“Vince was a steady guy just shows you the kind of professional he was, and still is to last this long. Consider the freak of nature, he was to last this long says everything about Vince. In regards to my comments, I had no idea if, Vince came back this year. He was going to be the guy at the top of the food chain as most years played. See if I would have known that I would have never made the comments, Arenas told me.”

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