Damian Lillard Delivers An Eye Opening Response To Marvin Bagley Calling Him Out On ESPN’s First Take

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2018-2019 All-Rookie Team selection and number two pick in the 2018 draft out of Duke University Marvin Bagley III. Bagley was a guest on Thursday’s episode of ESPN’s First Take to discuss a variety of different topics including this year’s Draft Class that featured Number one pick out of Duke Zion Williams.

During a segment of the show, Max Kellerman shared with the audience that former world champion Roy Jones Jr. played him a clip of Bagley freestyling in the hallway back in college. Max said, “it has been my opinion since then, that the best MC in the NBA is either you or Damian Lillard, but who is the best MC in the NBA,” asked Max? Bagley would respond by saying me.” and I love music, so I am going to go with myself.”

Kellerman would then ask if Bagley would ever battle Damian Lillard?  Bagley responded, “yeah for sure.”

Well, Lillard was either watching the show or was made aware that his name was mentioned on the show and responded with he would not be battling Bagley on First Take, but if want to good they could.

Bagley decided to release his track No debate on SoundCloud after his appearance on First Take, so a couple of hours before the draft started.



Lillard however, decided to drop his response during the draft, which was a great marketing strategy by the Multi-time All-Star. Lillard titled his track “MARVINNNNNN!!!???

“This boy done called my name Haha. Amateur bars man! Grown man bars is something you have to deal with, so all that elaborating, fabricated ain’t going to equal up to this real S***. The things that we do for the glitz and the glamorous follow backs, like pics from your camera.  Was about to pass, because you’re still in a Pamper, bruh/And I never seen Floyd spar with amateurs, so this is the one and only time I’m picking up the phone. I’m the type to keep receipts until left alone, I was raised to keep the family feuds at home. On the set, I’m going to teach you how to set the tone. Where I’m from big bank take little bank. I’m a couple hundred million its a field day don’t respect it, it is not an issue to check it, never really competed but you boys getting reckless. I can tell you this isn’t really what you wanted though. Should have of DMed me again what you want to know? Say Im lying I’ll put it out for the public.”

The rest of the song can be heard below!

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Written by Landon Buford

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