Raptors’ Kawhi Leonard Will Join Clippers Or Nets, Says Shaft Star Samuel L. Jackson

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Former Finals MVP Kawhi Leonard is one game away from leading the Toronto Raptors to they’re first ever NBA  Championship. He is also less than a month away from having to decide where he will have to play next season.  The Toronto Raptors hope that Leonard decides to resign with them this offseason, but he hasn’t given any indication on where he might be leaning as of yet. During a recent press conference, Leonard was asked about a report that he bought property in Toronto. According to the New York Post, that has not happened yet.

“No, I didn’t. It didn’t happen yet, no”, Leonard said after practice on Sunday.

The New York premiere of the movie Shaft was earlier this evening and Brandon ‘Scoop B’ Robinson caught up with the star of the movie Samuel L. Jackson. During their conversation, Robinson asked Jackson where he thought Kawhi Leonard will sign later on this summer.

“I think he is going land with the Clippers for some reason, but it would be an interesting shot if he shows up in Brooklyn,“ said Jackson.

Leonard has been linked to the Clippers through numerous reports of being the favorite to land him this offseason, but the Knicks will also look to get the opportunity to make a pitch to sign the former Finals MVP, per the New York Post. It is also being reported that the Raptors will have a shot to resign him as well.

Back in April, ESPN’s Woj explains what Kawhi Leonard is looking for in free agency on the Woj & Lowe podcast. Kawhi is not chasing the validation of teaming up with another superstar to win a championship.

“He is not staying in Toronto for the weather or geography. He would stay in Toronto because he likes the organization, can win, and they can play him more than anybody, but for him, he could look at the Clippers or Southern California because he is from San Diego. He is picking something beyond that.

Kawhi Leonard was recently interviewed by ESPN’s Rachel Nichols and during their sit down, Leonard shared with Nichols why he has been able to be so effective in this year’s Playoffs.

“It was big,” Leonard said in a sit-down interview with ESPN’s Rachel Nichols. “When it got bad, we ended up taking, you know, four or five games off. And, you know, if we didn’t do that, I wouldn’t be here right now.

“The way we laid out the schedule was good. I’m happy.”

When asked if the load-management plan really made that big of a difference, Leonard doubled down.

“For sure,” he said. “I don’t think I’d be playing right now if I would’ve tried to go through that season [without it].”

We will have to see where he lands after 6 PM EST on June 30th.

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Written by Landon Buford

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