Former Warrior Nate Robinson on Kevin Durant: “You Want Him On Your Team Because He Works His Butt Off“


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Kevin Durant throughout his entire career has been known as a student of the game of basketball. Whether it is breaking down film with the next generation of upcoming basketball players like Jalen Lecque, Noah Farrakhan, Posh Alexander through his collaboration with the video content producing platform Overtime and telling aspiring professional athletes to work on their skills. Instructing them to keep that same energy and intensity whether they are playing outside on the blacktop or in the gym on the hardwood because the NBA is a glorified street game, said, Durant. Or watch犀利士
ing game film to see where he can improve his own game, Durant is always focusing on trying to get better.

You must play like you are a technician on the court told them because they are no longer kids and need to start playing chess against their opponents on the basketball court by the way they dissect them with their passing, shooting and the way they play defense, and most importantly to have patience while you are on the court.

Even dropped a Steve Kerr reference of keeping them simple on the court that is why we see him shooting pull up mid-range jumpers, that will lead to other spectacular plays later, for example, deep three to seal Final series like the 2017 series agai威而鋼
n LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Nate Robinson, who was a teammate of Kevin Durant in Oklahoma City during the 2010-11 season. The Thunder made to the Western Conference Finals that season, but lost to the Dallas Mavericks the eventual NBA Champions.  Robinson describes Durant as someone that is a student of the game and someone that you want on your time.

In a recent phone interview with LWOS Basketball, the former three-time slam dunk champ talked about Durant’s practice habits.

“He is a student of the game and he watches a lot of game film. He always gets his shots up, comes prepared, and he is just a killer. He comes in and does what he is supposed to do every time. He is the type of player you want on your time because he can get you buckets, and it is easy for him because he puts in the hard work. When you put in the hard work people wonder how he is making things look so easy because he busts his a**. That is the fun part going out and playing our reward is going out there and getting to play, “said Robinson.

Durant was out with a right calf strain, which he suffered in Game 5 of the Western Conference Semifinals against the Houston Rockets with 2.05 left in the third quarter. Since then, it was announced that he will be out for Friday’s game against the Raptors bring his total to eight games missed thus far this postseason.

Earlier today Steve Kerr, shared with the media that Kevin Durant would be a game-time decision per Chris Haynes.

That would later turn into Kevin Durant would be making his return tonight, according to Monte Poole of NBCSAuthentic against the Toronto Raptors for Game 5.






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Written by Landon Buford

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