Mark Cuban On The Big 3 “I Need To Check it out”

The Big 3 is gearing up for its third season this summer, and it started last night with the draft. The expansion team, the Enemies, took former Houston Rockets draft pick Royce White with the number one draft pick. If you don’t remember White, he only played three games in the NBA due to anxiety disorder, which has caused him to be afraid to fly. However, he has played in the National Basketball League of Canada recently.

During the draft broadcast on CBS, White can be seen wearing a shirt that said: “I Flew Here.” White’s teammates this season on the Enemies are Lamar Odom, Gilbert Arenas, Perry Jones III, Craig Smith, and Frank Robinson.

Another notable draft pick was the seventh pick, the 2007 number one pick Greg Oden to the Aliens. Oden’s Alien teammates are Kendrick Perkins, Shannon Brown and Andre Owens. During his NBA career, Oden was only able to suit up in only 82 NBA games due to chronic knee injuries.

Other notable additions this year are former Dallas Mavericks Lamar Odom, Co-Captain, of Enemies Jason Terry, who is Trilogy’s Captain, Amar’e Stoudemire, who is Tri-State’s Co-Captain. Some of the returning veteran, who are also former Dallas Mavericks Shawne Williams, Drew Gooden, Josh Powell, Anthony Morrow, and DeShawn Stevenson.

Speaking of Stevenson, I recently spoke to Maverick’s owner about him possibly being in the audience when the Big 3 returns to Dallas this summer.

“I need to check it out I really do. I got to go check out DeShawn,“ said Cuban.

Cuban’s caught the attention of some of The Big 3 board members, Amy Trask, who is the Chairman of Board for The BIG3 and Hip Hop Ice Cube. Trask replied, “Come on out Landon Buford and Mark Cuban – love to have you with us – come be our Big 3 guests – and hi to you both.“

Ice Cube also tweeted his reaction to the clip. “Mark Cuban is always welcome at a Big3 event. Showed us love 2 years in a row in Dallas. Respect,“ said Cube.

Someone, that also said he would participate when the Big 3 comes to Dallas is Dribbing Legend God Shammgod. “I have talked to [Ice] Cube and told him I want to play when The Big 3 comes to Dallas this summer,” Shammgod told me.

He is currently an assistant coach for the Dallas Mavericks, but before he retired from professional basketball. He unleashed his signature crossover known only as “The Shammgod.” The former Washington Wizard only was able to play in 20 games in 1997, but he was able to captivate audience around the world as played overseas. Before returning to Providence College to finish his degree.

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Written by Landon Buford

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