Professional Boxer Rickey Edwards Talks Anti-Bullying Campaign & More

Professional Boxer Rickey Edwards and a Paterson, New Jersey native, who has been involved in a lot of different things outside of the boxing ring lately. For example, he was recently featured in Grungy Gentleman for New York Fashion Week in collaboration with Foot Action.  The event featured the likes of “DailyMailTV” host Jesse Palmer, Dave East, and Styles P.

Photo Credit – Rickey Edwards

“Our Grungy Gentleman collection this season is a lot more polished than seasons past,” said designer Jace Lipstein. “We injected a punch of color with the peach tracksuit, and we incorporated a lot of red accents throughout. We’re a brand that likes to make the public feel like they can wear it and feel confident in it, and we had a great response at the show. So I’m very appreciative for that.”

Edwards is also promoting his anti-bullying campaign, where he will be teaming up with fashion models and other influencers to bring awareness and fight against bullying in the Paterson, New Jersey & worldwide. He eventually wants to partner with different schools around the country to help children of all ages how important it is to speak up against bullying moving forward.

The Hype Magazine recently spoke with Edwards to find out why was this so important to him and what sparked his interest.

Photo Credit – Rickey Edward

You are currently annual boxing against bullying campaign. Can you share why this cause is so dear to your heart?

I come from a rough city, and I want kids to grow up differently than the way I did. So, the city that I come from, there are a lot of kids that kill themselves from bullying. I just came up with the campaign up with the concept to help the kids in my community. I have done other camps as well, but I wanted to make sure this one was meaningful. I want this to be more of a tour to bring awareness to every city.

When did you decide to start your first camp?

I started when I was 5-0, and I was really young. It was like three or four years ago now.

Would you be interested in partnering with schools across the country to teach kids the importance of speaking up against bullying?

Yes, absolutely! I am willing to do anything that will stop bullying from moving forward.

You recently partnered with Foot Action and was featured in Grungy Gentleman for New York Fashion Week. How did this opportunity present itself?

They reached out and asked if I would like to be a part of their campaign. That they were promoting and I couldn’t pass up the opportunity.

What was it like being featured alongside other public figures such as, Dave East, and designers like Jace Lipstein?

It was dope, and it was a new experience for me. It is out of my normal environment, but I’m trying to new things, and I loved it. It was a great experience I was able to network with a lot of different individuals.

Is this something you would like to be a part of next year?

Most definitely!

Has this inspired you to possibly start your own clothing line and if so, what will type of line would be?

Yes, I would like to start my own clothing line one day. As for the type of clothing line, it would most likely be athletic wear. I want to appeal to different type of athletes and kids with my clothing brand.

You are currently in training camp is there anybody that you want to face right now?

I’m working on a fight as we speak, but I don’t want to say any names at this time.

When you are in training camp, who are some of the artists you listen to?

Meek Mill, Drake, and Jay Z those are my top three. I like to listen to things I can relate to.

What is the message you want to showcase to kids, so they don’t have to go through some of the things you went through?

Don’t let anybody tell you can’t achieve your dreams. If you work hard and are determined you will reach your goals.



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Written by Landon Buford

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