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Mark Cuban Speaks On What LeBron James & His Team Has Been Able To Do Off The Court.

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At midnight on March 1st, 2 Chainz released his highly anticipated album “Rap or Go to the League.” It is a project that is A&Red by three times NBA Champion LeBron James. In the past, James has co-signed several songs and albums from Drake and Kendrick by sharing it on his Instagram Stories. He would later realize the influence he had on the public, and they quickly were more of a way to advertise the projects that he was strategically helping to promote. One of the songs that both 2 Chainz and James have been able to relate to is a single called “NCAA.”

The single addresses the ongoing debate that the NCCA it’s collegiate athletes. The organization has been getting away with only providing its amateur athletes with room and board. Both James and 2 Chainz are fully aware of what these athletes must face.

2 Chainz played basketball at Alabama State University, while James was lucky enough to go straight from high school to the NBA. The NCAA generates millions of dollars from events like March Madness and the college bowl season.

A&Ring 2 Chainz album is one of many things LeBron James is a part of away from the basketball court. His production company Spring Hill Ent has produced shows such as Shut Up & Dribble, Facebook Do or Dare, HBO’s Student-Athlete, Survivor Remorse to name a few. Other products that James involved with include his I Promise School in Akron, Ohio, HBO’s The Shop, and Space Jam 2.

Recently I spoke to Dallas Mavericks Owner Mark Cuban to get his thoughts on LeBron James diversifying his portfolio why he is still playing, and him being an executive producer on 2 Chainz’ new album “Rap or Go to the League.”

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“It’s like anything else if it’s good it works and if it is not, it won’t. Shaq and Kazaam not so much. I always encourage people to take entrepreneurial chances, and you will never know until you try. LeBron has had a lot of success. He and Mav have done great things together. I hope it works 2 Chainz is a friend of mine and Mavs fan. I hope it works out for both of them,” Mark Cuban told me.

Cuban also shared that he will be featured on 2 Chainz’ new show that he is hosting.

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Written by Landon Buford

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