I’d Hurt Sheamus Again, Says Mark Cuban


It has almost been sixteen years since Dallas Mavericks owner and tech billionaire, Mark Cuban first appeared on WWE Television.  It was November 16, 2003, WWE  in Dallas, Texas at American Airlines Center.  The segment began with former ESPN’s news anchor Jonathan Coachman comes down to the ring with a neck brace on after suffering an injury at the hands of the Dudley Boyz  3D, which resulted in putting him through a table three weeks before the pay per view.

After Coachman was done telling the Dallas crowd his doctors informed him that he would recover in a few short days. He spots Mark Cuban in the first row and requests a brief interview with the Mavericks owner.  Coached asked Cuban what he was looking forward to watching the most during the show.  Cuban responded by saying ” I’m looking forward to seeing Stone Cold Steve Austin kicking Eric Bischoff A**,” said Cuban.

Coachman responded by saying, Mark, I hate to tell you, but that is just not going to happen.  So, why don’t we try a second question?  Something you know more about.

Would you prefer WWE referees or NBA referees?

“All I can say is all referees suck. There is no such thing as a good referee,” said Cuban.

Eric Bischoff would then come over and told Coachman to let him handle the rest of the interview if he didn’t mind.

It would later lead to Cuban and Bischoff in the center of the ring and face to face. Where Cuban push Bischoff out of the ring and when he turned around Evolutions’ Randy Orton gave Cuban an RKO.

Six years later Mark Cuban was a guest host of Monday Night Raw in Dallas on December 7, 2009. Cuban scheduled a rematch between Orton and Kofi Kingston and named himself the guest referee.  The match would conclude with Cuban ringing the bell after a quick three count. After that match Cuban announced that the gauntlet match would take place at the TLC Pay Per View.

Recently, I spoke with Cuban about his interest in possibly returning to the WWE Universe.

“Hey, I took down Sheamus in 2009. I was the first guy to take him I was ready to hurt him before he decided to hit me and put me through a table. I’d hurt him again,” Cuban told me.

What do you think?

Written by Landon Buford

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