Kobe Bryant will get roasted if he plays in the Big 3, Says Rashad McCants


The Big 3 just finished their second season which saw Basketball Hall of Famer Nancy Liberman and Power win the second annual championship.  The second season provided a lot of rememberable moments for example, who can forget the postgame interview with Stephen Jackson & Alan Anderson were asked by Let’s  Get Radio’s G-Smooth to redirect the conversation back to Kobe Bryant joining the Big 3.  Asking do they think that Kobe Bryant could handle the physicality that could with playing in the Big 3?

Before both  Jackson & Anderson could answer the question their faces would change in disbelief as soon as they realized what they were being asked by the reporter. Anderson responded with “Are we supposed to say no to get him out here?”  while Jackson rose to his feet and started to take control of the situation.

Which his opening statement was “This guy from Let’s Get it Radio asked Stephen Jackson if Kobe Bryant in the Big 3 and handle to physically?”  That question was rhetorical and I can’t even spell rhetorical, but I know what it means said, Jackson.

“Kobe can play in any league. Any league,” Jackson said. “Kobe, right now, listen. You listening? Want me to slap him for you? Can you please come to this league? We need you.”

A week later during a  phone conference Q&A session with the Big 3 brass its Co-founder, Jeff Kwatinez shared with the participates that he heard from a credible source that Kobe would play in the Big 3 next season.  Of course, once Brandon “Scoop B” Robinson heard it he tweeted it.

Chief Marketing Officer of Kobe Inc. Molly Carter shut down those rumors immediately when Brian Mahoney of the Associated Press reached out to confirm the report.

Recently, Big Three and a member of the 2004–05 North Carolina Tar Heels National Championship team Rashad McCants was a guest on the Scoop B Radio.  To promote his new book entitled  “Plantation Education.” During this episode, they did discuss his time at UNC and wanting to originally go to Duke, but wanted to break all Michaels Jordan’s records.   Robinson also asked Could you see Kobe playing in the big 3?

“Of course, but I’m going to roast Kobe if he comes out there. I’m at his dome immediately, last 2 years I been playing around I ain’t get no awards they don pissed me off I coming for everybody next year. I gave the deadbeat list, I challenged everybody nobody responded so I’m just going to go at everybody next year.” said  McCants.

Also earlier this year I had to the opportunity to ask Big 3 Brass to what set their league apart from other professional leagues such as the NFL and WNBA, who are both dealing with pay concerns and equality amongst their players.

“One thing that Cube and Jeff did in structuring our league was to make it clear from the outset in the manner we are structured with all of our communication. We work with our players and we work with our coaches they are a part of building this league with us. We are not looking to build it on their backs without regard to their contributions and input. And all the business issues to which you just referred to with respect to whether its WNBA issues, NFL issues, or any issues. I’m not going to comment on how the WNBA can approach this or how these problems can be addressed, but I will comment strongly that one of the things that thrilled me about the opportunity to join Jeff Jeff Kwatinetz and Ice Cube was the dramatically different approach that these men took to building a league with players, and not on the backs of the players.” Said Big 3 Chairman of the Board, Amy Trask.

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Written by Landon Buford

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