Breaking News: Source Says Space Jam 2 Is Still Happening As Planned


Earlier today it was reported by Brandon “Scoop B” Robinson via Twitter that Space Jam 2 is going as plan.  Earlier this summer Robinson reported that LeBron James would announce his intention to join the  Los Angeles Lakers, by utilizing his ’ Uninterrupted platform.  He would also include the IGTV, Instagram’s recently launched platform, as well as, a trailer of Space Jam 2. 

But due to Robinson’s original report that caused James and his management team to pull the Space Jam 2 trailer.

So, what was the trailer supposed to include?  Well, per Robinson:

“In the plot and/or trailer, LeBron was summoned to be responsible for saving the day by helping to retrieve the memorabilia. He was told that in the end, LeBron James would appear in the movie trailer wearing Lakers gear and letting everyone know where he’d be taking his talents to this fall.”

What do you think?

Written by Landon Buford

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