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Robert Horry Stands By His Statement Rockets would have Beat Bulls in The Finals



Seven-time NBA Champion Robert Horry made headlines in 2017 when he agreed with Kenny ‘The Jet Smith,’Who appeared on a Scoop B Radio Podcast with Brandon “Scoop B Robinson,” that the 1994-1995 Rocket teams would beat the Bulls in the NBA Finals. “Hell Yes, They had nobody that could guard Dream. They Had nobody that could guard Dream I had to say it twice because Dream was just that dominate,” said Horry on ESPN’s The Jump. He would continue by saying “Vernon Maxell is the craziest dude, that you wanted to see on the court. So, he was in Michael Jordan, and I would have locked Scottie up.”

Scottie Pippen would respond “It is hard to say because we did not face them with a whole championship roster and in all fairness, it would have been a great series… He definitely could not guard me that is why he is a power forward ” Said on The Jump

Well, Robert Horry stopped by the Scoop B Radio podcast again recently, and Robinson asked him if he stands by his statement. Kenny Smith said that had Michael not retired the Rockets would have still beaten the Bulls. Do you stand by your assessment that that is true? said, Robinson,

“Yeah and I know Michael and Scottie have their own opinions, but I truly believe the way that we were playing and that big dominant force Hakeem Olajuwon that we had down there was too much. I played for Phil, and he doesn’t like to double team, and you had to double Hakeem, or he would have had 50 on you so I think we would have won, it would have been a good game. Everybody has their own opinion and it would be stupid of me to say no we wouldn’t have won. I know everybody thinks that Michael Jordan is the greatest ever to play the game, but Dream isn’t too shabby.” Said Horry. He would continue with “It’s hard to compare them because one is a guard and one is a big and everybody wants to compare players now and days. I think there’s a best player at every position I think dream is the best center to ever play the game and I think Michael is the best two guard to ever play the game, but you can’t compare them it’s just would be a good matchup. Dream must go against who they had at center and Mike would have had to go against Vernon Maxwell who is a good defender, so I think in that sense we would have had the edge.

Earlier this year I had the opportunity to speak with former Rocket Tracy Murray to get his opinion if Robert Horry belongs in the Hall of Fame.

“It is up in the air because of all the big shots he has hit throughout his career and the championships he has won. The argument for him to be in the Hall of Fame is valid, but looking at his regular season numbers, the argument is not as strong. Rob would just chill until the playoffs came around *laughs*. So, that is the argument against Rob, but he was a great player and a significant role in the history of the NBA.  I’d say it is a possibility that he will get inducted into the Hall of Fame.” said Murray 


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Written by Landon Buford

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