Landon Buford Sits Down With International Track & Field Athlete Damar Forbes

Image Credit – Damar Forbes Instagram Had the opportunity to speak with 2012 Olympian Damar Forbes about his journey growing up and how it prepared him to be a professional athlete.  Forbes also discussed some of the role models that have helped pave the way for him as an athlete.

He would later to go on to discuss what keeps him motivated as he pursues his dream as a professional athlete.  In addition, gives us some insight of the awareness tour he on with Team USA Track & Field Member Norris Frederick and Jordan Landburg. The full interview with Forbes can be seen below and make sure you leave your feedback.

LB -Who were some of your role models growing up?

Merlene Ottey is considered be the best track field athlete in Jamaica and she is ranked fourth on the all-time list over 60 meters, sixth on the all-time over 100 meters and third on the all-time list over 200 meters. Another athlete that I consider a role model is Michael Jordan for what he accomplished with the Chicago Bulls.

LB – How did LSU prepare you to be a professional athlete?

LSU taught me about things that I was not aware of like intensity and exposure in terms of chiropractors, and access to some of the alumni. It put you in the mindset that you belong at the university and this is a stepping stone.  The alumni pave the way for us to be able to showcase our talents and allowed us to grow as athletes.

LB- What was it like competing at the Summer Olympics in 2012?

The 2012 Olympics, were the first games that I had the opportunity compete and represent my country. Being able to participate in the Olympics has always been a dream of mine, ever since I was a young adolescent. So, for me to be able to represent my country was a dream come true.  Just experiencing that level of competition and fans in the stands. I was taken back by it because I have not seen anything like it. The experience was overwhelming, I had jitters, and I couldn’t believe I was there on stage.

LB-Where do you see your career headed in 2 years?

I see my career continuing upwards as I compete at a high level.  I plan on competing in the championships in Qatar in two years. In the next couple of years, I see myself at the top of my sport and as a competitor, I cannot see it any other way. I willing to put in the work to achieve my goals as an athlete as a person.

LB- As an athlete what do you consider to be your toughest challenge?

Right now, my toughest challenge as an athlete is being able to recover from all the traveling. Especially, when I travel to Europe with the time difference. So, I would say traveling and scheduling because we as individuals are focused on some many things.

LB- You are currently on an awareness tour what do you hope to accomplish with during this tour?

Me as an athlete, I hope to learn the business side of the industry and take the necessary steps that to build my brand. This an opportunity will allow me to build my worth as an athlete. In addition, I will be able to talk to kids & other members of the community and help motivate them to follow their dreams.

LB- What makes you want to get up in the morning continue the grind that comes with being a professional athlete?

Determination, I have always wanted to be the world and an Olympic Champion as a Kid. Every day that I wake up and I might not want to train, but I think about some of the athletes that have come before me. Not everyone has been able to reach this point and that motivates me to continue on this journey.

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Written by Landon Buford

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