Conscious Campaign – Shares Their Thoughts On Charlottesville, Virginia & Today’s Society

Conscious Campaign’s Founder Gary Barquet talks about all of the negativity that has been featured on his Facebook timeline as of late.  There has been a lot of hate, violence, crime and foolishness, but it is entertaining because we as a society cannot get enough of it.  As Barquet was scrolling down his timeline he began to think that someone actually wanted him to see all of the white supremacy content on his timeline. He would then bring up the notion that if Facebook did not want us to see this type of content, they have the ultimate power to suppress it if they really see fit. There is a reason for everything just like when law enforcement was targeting African Americans and the content was plastered for the world to see.

The content obviously triggered an emotional reaction each and every time, especially when you are an African American male that is clearly the target. Hate has been around since the beginning of time and racism is nothing that will never go away. Racism is a concept that keeps evolving over time and it can be hidden in so many forms and apparent in others.  We all possess the characteristics of hate in some form of fashion, but we cannot let the hate overwhelm us as a society. The content that we see actually sparks conversations that need to be discussed and brought to the forefront.

The Concious Campaign is looking to bring these concepts to the forefront and being able to start the conversation with their content. Their mission is to help the community grow and keep a positive outlook on life and be able to reflecting and sharing your own thoughts and opinion in a peaceful way.  I have a started a section on my platform to help share this positive content and I hope you can add your prospective in the comment section below.

What do you think?

Written by Landon Buford

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