Mistah F.A.B. Talks Dub Nation, ASCAP Awards & More

Mistah F.A.B.’s breakout album, 2005’s Son of a Pimp, established the North Oakland emcee as a rising champion and a major factor in a resurgent Bay Area rap scene which would demand national attention from hip-hop’s cultural gatekeepers. A decade later — older, smarter, and more resilient — F.A.B. returned with Son of A Pimp 2, a no-holds-barred, 21-track extravaganza he considers the truest representation of his artistic talent to date.

The list of features is sure to raise eyebrows, as is the fact that F.A.B. more than holds his own against some of the rap world’s most notable artists from practically every region in the United States. Just as impressive as the tracks themselves is the fact that F.A.B. assembled his all-star roster of talent from his friend’s list; leveraging the networking, he has been acting for years as a go-to guy from out of town artists visiting the Bay, as well as his solid rep within Oakland.

I had the opportunity speak with the Bay Area legend about his new duties as the official correspondent of the Golden State Warriors. In addition, Mistah F.A.B. talks about his favorite project that he contributed to as a songwriter and what being honored at the ASCAP Rhythm & Soul Awards on June 22nd means to him as an entertainer. The full interview with Mistah F.A.B. can be seen below!

Can you tell us your favorite project that you contributed to as a songwriter?

My favorite project that I have contributed to as a songwriter, I would have to say it is this new Too Short album that he is releasing. Growing up in the city of Oakland, he was a hero and he narrated inner city life. That was as synonymous and significant as Langston Hughes or the Harlem Renaissance. The way he could depict Oakland life to the rest of the world gave us a voice through his poetry as a spokesman. So, for me years later to be heavily included in this upcoming project is a very humbling experience because I grew up idolizing him and mimicking him. Now being able to A&R, Co-producer and write songs for his final studio album is a dream come true.

 You were given a mandate from the city along with your own day a couple of years ago. Can you tell us what that means to you?

It is a dope honor!  Being someone that grew up in the city of Oakland and to be recognized by not only the cultural leaders but the individuals that govern the city as well. That lets you know you have contributed to your city. This was a very humbling experience for me, but there is still a lot of work to be done and I am all for the work.

You have given back to your community for over a decade now through a variety of annual events. What are some of the events that we can look forward to this year?

I want to extend and improve on some of the events that we have already established such as, a backpack giveaway where we started at giving away 100 backpacks and now it has reached into the thousands. We do a “Silence the Violence” basketball tournament annually during the summer.  We put on pumpkin patch events for kids during Halloween, a luncheon during Valentines Day for victims of domestic violence, turkey giveaways for Thanksgiving a “’Toys For Joy” event for children during the Christmas holiday as well as an Easter Egg Hunt in the spring. It’s all about philanthropy and paying it forward!

.@MistahFAB about to hop on set with our guys.

👀📺 @NBCSAuthentic

— NBCS Warriors News (@NBCSWarriors) June 4, 2017

You are the official correspondent for the Golden State Warriors. What are some of the things we can expect from during the NBA Finals?

Just me being able to participate in the festivities and given the opportunity to be embraced by the Warriors’ franchise. They have given me the platform to do color commentary and give my take on the game on the sideline is a humbling experience. I grew up a sports fan and if you would have told me that the Warriors would be in three straight finals, I would have told you that you were lying.  All I can say is I am just a kid living in a dream.

Closer look at tonight’s victory 👀 #StrengthInNumbers

— GoldenStateWarriors (@warriors) June 5, 2017

How many games will take for the Warriors to beat the Cavs in The Finals this year?

However, many games for us to reach four wins before Cleveland is the goal.

What are your thoughts on Lonzo Ball’s $495 shoe price and where do you think he might land in the upcoming draft?

Hopefully, he goes number two and can play with the Los Angeles Lakers in a city in which, he grew up in.  I don’t think Danny Ainge would draft someone that obviously doesn’t want to play for him in Boston. I think he will allow the kid to fulfill his dream of being a Laker. As far as Lavar goes, what people must understand is, if social media was around during the days of when Joe Jackson and Richard Williams were supporting their kids growing up, they would be scrutinized and labeled as not being a good parent. Nowadays Lavar Ball is being painted as the bad guy within in the media, but he is only doing the same thing that any other dedicated father has been doing since the being of time.  In my opinion, what is the difference between what he has done as far as, marketing his son as opposed to what the NBA and China did with Yao Ming back in 2002? As far as the price tag goes, people will spend hundreds and thousands on Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Jordan. Lavar is showing us how we can create things independently without to go through these major corporations to create our own opportunities.

Would you rather have Klay Thompson focused more on the defensive side of the ball during this series or try to improve his percentage on the offensive side of the ball?

I think Klay Thompson is a natural shooter. So, whatever he is going through I expect him to shoot his way out of it like all great shooters do. I rather he goes 1 for 100 if that means that one shot is the game winner compared to him going 0-1. I want him to continue to shoot and be the defensive specialist that we know he can be.  People do not know how difficult it is to guard the other team’s best player night after night and then score on the offensive end consistently. Lucky for us we have a great nucleus of guys that can step up and help Klay out on the offensive side of the ball when needed.

You are being honored at the 30th ASCAP Rhythm & Soul Awards on June 22nd. What does this mean to as an entertainer?

It is a great accomplishment and another accolade added to the trophy case. I’m honored and humbled to be receiving the award.

Where do you see the Raiders finishing in the AFC now that they have added your cousin Marshawn to an already stacked offense?

They were already a great team last year and with the addition of Marshawn, it will only make them better.  You think about this, they were an injury away from going to the Superbowl last year, or at least the AFC Championship game. If Carr was not sidelined it would be hard to say that they wouldn’t have reached that goal. So, if they can bring in a healthy Carr, have the offensive line perform the way they did last year, having Megatron showing up to practices and possibly flirting with coming out of retirement. The Raiders become very similar to what the Warriors are doing. This would be a great foundation for Oakland to see on the basketball court and football field even if it is only for two years. So, to answer the question I see them coming out of the AFC!

When can we expect another music project from Mistah F.A.B.?

I just released a project called “4506” featuring artists such as B.O.B, Philthy Rich, Too Short, Young Dro, London Jae who is T.I. Protégé and some other artists from my in-house camp.

What do you think?

Written by Landon Buford

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