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RESPECT. had the opportunity to sit down with a very talented artist out of Dubai by the name of Fadl. We also had the pleasure to premiere his new video “New Age”  that is featured on his first U.S. released project, Out Of The Box. The project features some heavy hitters in the industry: Atlanta-based artist, OG Maco, Dubai-local, Tiny and production by Don Fuego.  You can listen to Out Of The Box below and you can see what Fadl had to say during his exclusive interview with us here at RESPECT.

RESPECT.: Where did you draw your inspiration during the creation process of Out of The Box?

Firstly, thanks for having me and premiering the video. My inspiration for any project I do come from just living life day to day. A lot of different artists and music genres influence my music, not necessarily only hip hop. I listen to jazz to get inspired, same with classical music, blues, rock. I keep finding ways of bridging the gap between other genres while staying true to hip-hop, that’s why I’d call myself an artist rather than a rapper. I’m blessed enough to have lived in different cities and do a lot of traveling too, which helps push my inspiration as well.

RESPECT.: What is the message you are trying to get across with the release of your new video “New Age”?

Videos can be made very simple, elegant, and not cost a lot but the outcome can be great.

RESPECT.: Describe what it was like to work with director and photographer Ivan Berrios, best known for his work with “We The Best Music Group members DJ Khaled, Ace Hood, and many others. Music videos for “The Chase” and “Elevated?”

Ivan’s a very talented guy. I believe he’s one of those guys even if he doesn’t have what Hollywood productions houses have at his disposal he can really come out with a product that looks like he had an entire movie crew on the project. Really respect him for that. His trailers are just straight fire!!

RESPECT.: Can you tell us about your musical background prior to the age of 15?

Musical career or hobby was pretty much non-existent. But I listened to a lot of genres and jammed to rap rock metal a lot. Was still trying to find out what really gets to me the most. Sometimes till this day I don’t even know which one it is haha. Again, it’s all an art you can appreciate.

RESPECT.: Where do you rank producer John Robinson amongst his international peers currently in his career?

John is one of the earliest producers I’ve worked with in my path of making a career out of music. Although he might look like an old white dude, he’s got the funk in him.  he’s ill. We connected from the get-go, shout out to John.

RESPECT.: Is there a meaning behind your stage name “Fadl?”

Nah, it’s just my birth name. Means “Grace” in Arabic.

RESPECT.: Who are some of the musicians you would like to collaborate in the near feature?

Too many to name.

Well of course besides the big names everyone would wanna work with, I really enjoy listening to Russ, Felly, Travis Scott, Post Malone, Tory Lanez, and Desiigner.

RESPECT.: When you are performing in Dubai what is the energy like?

Honestly, I stopped performing in Dubai. Done it all early on. The platform here is still premature for local talent. But when I did it was dope I’m now looking to perform in America!

RESPECT.: What is on the horizon for you headed into the first quarter?

Drop 2 mixtapes and visuals, record 2 more. Fly out to Toronto and Miami to do more work.

RESPECT.: Who are your top five artists to keep our eyes on headed into 2017?




Tory Lanez

Roy Woods

Zoey Dollaz

Make sure to keep up with FADL on Twitter, Instagram & Soundcloud.

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